Trig Wizard 1.0

Trig Wizard 1.0


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Date Added:29 August, 2014

Author: Overseas Family School

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Trig Wizard I: Trigonometry for Visual Learners (ie. Most of us)

Trig Wizard provides an interactive, visual environment for teachers and learners for learning and investigating by interacting with a unit circle widget to:

* Understand the fundamentals of trigonometry - Trig functions and their inverses, based on projection from/to unit circle
* See the evolution of right-angled triangle trigonometry (SOH, CAH, TOA) from the unit circle
* See trig identities as outcomes of unit circle symmetries
* Solve trig equations visually

Plus numerous video tutorials:

For teachers

* Easy use of interactive unit circle widget in class to demonstrate fundamentals of trigonometry to visual learners, which is most of them
* An environment to visually demonstrate solutions to trig equations
* For students a self-paced learning environment for trigonometry
* Introduction to widget, unit circle, sin, cos, tan projections, inverses
* Development of right angled triangle trigonometry SOH, CAH, TOA from unit circle
* Animated worked examples for right-angled triangles and applications of trigonometry
* 50 other categorized worked examples


Trig Wizard was designed and tested by teachers, for teachers and learners and was professionally developed, with:

* Progressive in-class testing with multiple iPads
* At-home testing by students as self-paced learning tool

Feedback from Teachers

œI will never again teach trigonometry without this tool

œThe visual environment allows any student to see relationships, minimizing the need to recall facts

œThe fact that students could either investigate the interactive widget or re-visit concepts via the video to go through at their own pace meant that all students could self-pace for any review

Feedback from Students

œI found trigonometry so obvious that I can't believe my older brother had problems with it

œI could always do trig and thought I understood it, but within a few minutes of playing with the app I really did understand it

œI did trig in school last year didn't make much sense to me. Having gone through a few of the tutorials, it now seems so obvious. I have a mental picture of everything so simple

œThe worked examples were very handy. I could always follow the same steps to identify trig ratios & do any other problem

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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